Hospital Sterilisation Unit

Standard Chamber Dimensions (For Hospital Use)
1. 2 Cu. Ft. 12” (H) x 12” (W) x 24” (D) 300  x  300  x  600 mm
2. 4 Cu. Ff. 12” (H) x 12” (W) x 48” (D) 300  x  300  x  1200 mm
3. 5 Cu. Ff. 15” (H) x 18” (W) x 36” (D) 375  x  450  x  900 mm
4. 8 Cu. Ff. 18” (H) x 18” (W) x 42” (D) 450  x  450  x  1050 mm


Flexibility to use either 100% ETO Cartridge or ETO CO2 Cylinder. (Dual Model)

Safe and Easy Handling: Cartridge is punctured in the chamber only when proper negative pressure and humidity conditions are achieved in the chamber.

Ease of Operation: Cold Cycle (40°C), Warm Cycle (55°C), 7 more user-defined cycles available.

Ease of Handling: Material can be easily loaded using the Basket provided.

Built in Aeration Cycle: Aeration is carried out at the end of the cycle inside the chamber itself.

Wide spectrum of usage:

  • All kinds of medical devices and instruments can be sterilized.
  • Ideal for sterilization of heat / moisture sensitive medical equipment and instruments
  • ETO is the most effective, safe, fully validated and economical method of sterilization.
  • Effective against all Micro-organisms, including resistant spores.


Installation: Machine can be installed in-wall or placed on a free-standing rack.

Sterile Chain Integrity: Double door models are available for clean room application to maintain sterile chain integrity.

Low cost per cycle: Lowest operating costs compared to other available options.

Advantages of superior Automation:

  • Best in class Automation and latest SCADA software make remote control and monitoring of all cycle parameters possible.
  • During Sterilization a Microprocessor / PLC controls temperature, Moisture, Gas Injection, Gas Exposure and all critical time and pressure based parameters.
  • Important sterilization parameters like Phase Status, Current Values & set values, continuously displayed at all times on Controller Screen & on Remote Computer via SCADA software.
  • Continuous display of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure On-line allows user to be aware of Cycle status at all times.
  • Temperature uniformly and accurately maintained throughout the chamber to within ± 3°C of the Set Sterilization temperature.
  • Error Code and alarm is generated and cycle stops automatically in case any error occurs. Computer Screen displays Error and possible cause and remedy.
  • The advanced SCADA software provided stores detailed records of Process-Data for every cycle.
  • Reports are available in Data, Summary and Graph formats for every batch of goods sterilized.
  • User can re-print reports as and when required, using any normal printer.
  • Digital storage of data cuts cost, saves space, ensures safety of data and negates cost of expensive thermal printing.